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Updated 5-8-2024


Pullets for sale. Several breeds offered. Price depends on age and breed. 

Pick Up Only! There is no shipping offered on grow-outs. Price listed reflects the age of the bird when they are picked up, not the date of purchase if pre-ordered.


We are offering a pen of Easter Eggers. There are 6 hens and a rooster. They are being sold as a set and we will not separate. $225  

6-  13 week-old BYM Pullets $18 each

15- Whiting True Blue Pullets  11 weeks $26 each

                                                            9 Weeks $24 each

*We have 3 Welsummer Cockerels that need new flocks!

Buff Orpingtons, Easter Eggers, and BYM will be grown out as availability and space allows.

Please bring crates, boxes, or some type of transport for your pullets. See the "Shipping and Delivery" page for information about local pickup.

*Availability is updated daily. Pre-orders require full payment.


*Unfortunately, we do not have space to hold chickens beyond their designated pick-up date. Pullets not picked up during the designated week will incur a $1/day fee. Pullets not picked up within 2 weeks of their designated pick-up time will be considered abandoned and offered for resale. 

Standard Prices       

Age              Standard      *Rare      **Very Rare  ***Specialty Breeds

                      Breeds          Breeds         Breeds 

6 weeks            $20                  $22               $24               Varies by breed 

8 weeks            $22                  $24               $26                Varies by breed   

10 weeks          $24                  $26               $28                Varies by breed 

12 weeks          $26                   $28               $30              Varies by breed 

14 weeks          $28                  $30              $32                 Varies by breed         

16 weeks          $30                  $32              $34                  Varies by breed 

18 weeks          $32                  $34              $36                  Varies by breed 

20 weeks          $34                  $36              $38                  Varies by breed 

Point of Lay    $40                  $45             $50                   Varies by breed 

It is true that birds of a feather flock together! We suggest that birds be purchased in groups of 2 or more per age group.

New birds introduced to a flock will needs time and a safe place to integrate to avoid injury, bullying, and pecking by the existing flock. We are happy to discuss a plan with you to give your new chicks the best chance at a happy integration!


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