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Gender Guarantee:
*Day old chicks are sold as straight run only with no guarantee of gender. We do not offers refunds or replacements for cockerels.
*Started Pullets are guaranteed based on their age. See product description for guarantees. In the event you receive cockerels beyond your guarantee, please contact us. Depending on our inventory, we will either replace or refund you. 
*WE WILL NOT TAKE THE COCKEREL BACK. In order to ensure biosecurity and the health of our flock, we do not take in chickens from any individuals. 
*Availability is updated daily. Pre-orders require full payment.


*Unfortunately, we do not have space to hold chickens beyond their designated pick-up date. Pullets not picked up during the designated week will incur a $1/day fee. Pullets not picked up within 2 weeks of their designated pick-up time will be considered abandoned and offered for resale.


Special Requests/Orders 
*We can breed, hatch, or order chicks for special requests.
* In order to accept orders for requests, we require a 50% deposit at the time of the order. The remaining balance must be paid one week before pick-up or shipping.
*Sales price for request will depend on the number, breed, gender and age of the chickens on the day they leave our farm.
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