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Buff Orpington day old chicks offered as straight run only. 

$5/ each 

Check out our "SHOP" page to order!


Several ages available!


Orpingtons are THE backyard chicken! This breed is friendly, kind, easy-going, and easy to live with. Our Buff Orpingtons match or surpass our other breeds in their egg laying. They lay large, brown eggs. 

This breed is a large breed, so they need plenty of space (especially on roost bars). They also are known to go broody. 

We currently offer utility American Buff Orpingtons. However, we are growing out SOP stock from exhibition lines. These lines will be kept separate for breeding purposes. Overtime, we will replace our backyard quality lines with our SOP lines. 

We have one pen of English Buff Orpingtons that should start laying any day,  so we hope to start hatching from them in Fall 2024.

We are growing out both English and American varieties. They will be considered backyard quality until we can evaluate them and their offspring.

 Coming Soon:


Lavender Orpingtons

English Lavender Laced (Isabel)

English Silver Laced

English Chocolate

English Chocolate Laced

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