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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship?

We do ship, however there are some conditions.

1- We only ship day-old chicks. Older birds are very expensive to ship and it can be an exceptionally stressful experience.

2- There are a few states we do not ship to at this time. Pease contact us prior to ordering if you have any questions.

3- We only ship when the weather is safe to do so. This is USUALLY from February- June. However, we may adjust this according to the crazy Texas weather.

Do you have (insert breed here)?

At this time, we are only offering Buff Orpingtons , Cream Legbars, and Buff and Gold Laced Polish. As many of you know, we have had many other breeds in the past. Due to health issues, we are currently focusing on the Buff Orpingtons Cream Legbars, and Buff and Gold Laced Polish. We do hope to add more breeds in the future.


We do order hatchery pullets to grow out. If there is a breed you are interested in, contact us and we will see what we can do. All hatchery guarantees of age, breed, gender apply.

Can I just buy pullets/girls/hens?

Our day old chicks are straight-run only.

Vent-sexing is the only reliable method (though it is only about 85-90% correct), but it can be a dangerous process for chicks.

We will not check wings, hold chicks by their necks, hold chicks upside down, dangle a string above their head, or any other way that may or may not have been effective in the past.

Cream Legbars are an auto-sexing breed. Gender can be distinguished in this breed at hatching.

To ensure you are just getting girls, we do offer grow-out pullets. See the "Shop" page or "Pullets for Sale" page for availability, pricing, and guarantees.

Do you have laying hens for sale?

Generally, no. We just maintain a large enough flock to raise chicks.


We do offer grow out pullets. They are available at 6 weeks old up to 20 weeks old. Please see the "Pullets for Sale" page for more information.

If I end up with a rooster, will you take it back?

No. In order to maintain our biosecurity, we will not buy, take-in, or rescue any chickens that are not from an NPIP facility. Even then, we are extremely cautious about what chickens can come on our property. WE WILL NOT TAKE IN OR HELP REHOME ANY ROOSTERS/COCKERELS.

Can we come see your chickens?

In order to ensure biosecurity, we do not allow farm visits at this time. We are happy to FaceTime or send videos.  We will schedule farm visits with non-negotiable biosecurity practices in 2024.

All pick-ups will take place at the TSC Parking Lot in Stamford, TX. Please contact us to arrange a pick-up time before making your purchase. We both work full-time jobs in addition to operating the farm, so please be patient with us when scheduling a pick-up.

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