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Cream Crested Legbars

Cream Legbars are a fun, energetic breed with a striking appearance. They have a great little tuft of feathers on their head that resemble a toupee! They are an auto-sexing breed, so their gender can be determined at birth. Here at PAF, we love these birds for their beautiful blue eggs!

Legbars are definitely not our docile, cuddly breed. While I never seen one offer any aggression, they also do not offer much affection. I believe the term "flighty" fits this breed. They are great foragers and very alert to danger. They are also very creative in finding places to hide their eggs when left to free range!

We recommend this breed for people who want great layers and beautiful chickens to watch. 

This is a Heritage breed that breeds true. While cockerels can be used for meat, this breed does not get very big and would not be recommended for a table bird.

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